CARD Valet

CardValet mobile card controls allow cardholders to specify where and how their registered debit cards are used. CardValet also provides cardholders with easy, immediate access to accounts, balances, and transactions, and helps to reduce fraud by providing cardholders with real-time alerts.

Important! You must download CardValet from either the App StoreSM or Google Play™ Store and register your cards. You Must delete My Mobile Money from your mobile device as it will no longer send alerts or deny specified transactions.

Cardholder Registration
When registering a card in CardValet app, cardholders are presented with a two-step authentication.
Cardholders must complete the following steps:

  • Initial Authentication-Cardholders enter their address, CV2, expiration date, and ZIP code
  • Secondary Authentication-Prompts for one of the following, depending on the cardholder record:
    • One-time passcode sent to the email address on the cardholder record.
    • Last four digits of the Social Security Number
    • ATM/POS transaction amount that occurred within the last 72 hours
Cardholders must accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy to complete registration.

Cardholder Credentials
Cardholders can use the same credential information when creating a new login in CardValet. The login information must adhere to the following standards:
  • Username-cannot be an email address
  • Password-must contain the following:
    • 8-10 characters
    • one uppercase letter
    • one lowercase letter
    • one special character

ATM Locator
The ATM Locator feature provides addresses for nearby ATMs using the cardholder's GPS location. The CardValet app displays all ATMs in the geographical region of the cardholder rather than just MoneyPass® ATMs.

Fraud Notification
Fraud notification allows for system-generated alerts notifying mobile users of potential fraud on cardholder accounts. CardValet will begin offering two-way fraud alerts starting in mid-2020. Currently, the Card Risk Advisor and Card Risk Advantage solutions offer fraud notifications for cardholders outside CardValet through phone, text, and/or email.

Initiate Dispute
If a cardholder suspects that a transaction is fraudulent, they must call the credit union to start a dispute. CardValet does not offer the option for cardholders to begin the dispute process through the app.

Important Phone Numbers
Dispute/Lost/Stolen/Fraud: 1-833-337-6075
Card activation and PIN Changes: 1-800-992-3808