Date: August 16, 2023

Time: 5:45 p.m.

Location: Littleton, NH, Office Pole Barn, 218 Dells Road

Note: Light Refreshments will be provided

In accordance with Section 1. Of the NLFCU Bylaws,

The nominating committee has filed its nominations with the secretary of the credit union at least 90 days before the annual meeting, and the secretary hereby notifies in writing all members eligible to vote at least 30 days before the annual meeting that nominations are complete, and no vacancies are anticipated.

The election will not be conducted by ballot and there will be no nominations from the floor as the number of nominees equals the number of positions to be filled.

All elections are determined by plurality vote and will be by ballot except where there is only one nominee for each position to be filled.

Enough nominations have been made by the nominating committee or by petition to provide at least as many nominees as positions to be filled, nominations cannot be made from the floor.

Board Nominees as presented by the nominating Committee:

Three Year Terms:
Rita St. Arnauld
James Glidden

Janet Lumbra